The Wellness Games by Duelstone encourages everyone across the planet to not just watch the Olympic sports this summer in Paris, but also try them.

There is no better way to pursue wellness than through sport.

To get this done Duelstone is challenging its 10,000 Creators in 60 countries to try Olympic sports (including Duel – future olympic sport) and share their experience as Gold Posts on socials to inspire others.

Wellness Games runs from 31st March to 31st August to coincide with the build up and coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.


This wellness games challenge lifts your focus and is used when training for Duel – the future Olympic sport designed by the Duelstone team.

Simply stand 1.8 meters from the Haliborange container and hit the shuttle in using a Duel sports equipment or a table tennis bat.

Video yourself completing the challenge, add it to social media and tag it #wellnessgames 

Once our team see it they will be in touch to arrange a time for you to come to the Cambridge, UK city centre college garden and complete the challenge in real life. 

You then receive your Gold Oakley’s with our compliments. You can wear them when you Duel or whenever you want, as they are yours after all.

This challenge ends on 31st August 2024 or whenever 24 pairs of Oakley Glasses have been awarded. Full details of the challenge rules can be found here.


As a brand you can select any of the Duelstone Wellness Creators in 60 countries to use your wellness or sports product in their Gold Posts on social media. 

These instantly findable Gold Posts on socials lift demand for your wellness product amongst the Creators followers, and also among those searching for your product on socials for months and years to come. 

You can also share Gold Posts featuring your products as content on your own social media channels.


At £190/US$245 per Gold Post offers incredible value to wellness, fitness and sports brands expanding globally.

Just place your order for the number of Gold Posts you would like generated and ship us your products.

The rest will be managed for you through the Duelstone workflow automation technology. 

You can also request for Creators to try your products and share the Gold Posts from inside or in front of your stores.


Just place your order on duelstone.com/pricing and use the code GAMES for a 5% discount and to notify us this is a Wellness Games related order.

Or email us on [email protected] to discuss in detail or chat with us live on duelstone.com