Right now we are going to get you up to speed on how to join other successful brands including Vitabiotics, Emma Hardie, Optibac and Abbott Nutrition in using the Duelstone Creator Platform as a smart, fast way to start gaining marketshare in China – from anywhere in the world, and without speaking Chinese. 
Essentially, this revolves around making it effortless for Chinese speakers living in your country, or anywhere in the world to try your product and share their experience in Chinese on Chinese social media in the form of a Post.
These Posts featuring your product are your assets and put to good use by Duelstone to create value in the following ways:
+ Posts draw interest in your product from the Creator’s followers living in China. 
+ Posts show up when someone in China searches for your brand, which supports their buying decision. 
+ Posts can be reposted on your brand social media account as content. 
+ Posts are catalogued and shared with Duelstone’s integrated online retailers and sales creators to show them how popular your product is becoming. The online retailers then buy stock from you wholesale and  manage all the cross border logistics, listings & shipping to shoppers in China.
1. You start by selecting the number of Post you would like generated each month. 
Duelstone offers a single fixed price per per Post, so brands can more accurately budget. 
Most brands start with up to 50 Posts per month and increase the number by 10%-25% each quarter, as their success builds.
Orders for Post can be placed on Duelstone.com/pricing
2. Duelstone will compile a List of Creators relevant to your product or you can select a specific profile such as “female, living in the UK, under 34”.
You receive the List and can start to either ship the products to them or ship a pallette of products to the Duelstone Fulfilment centre and the shipping will be managed for you.
3. Each of the Creators selected will be briefed on your product and brand, so that they can communicate correctly in the Posts.
The Posts are shared through their private accounts on the most popular social media/ecommerce platforms including Little Red BookWechatDouyin (TikTok in China) and Kuai Shou
If for some unusual reason the Creator has a bad experience with the Product, the Post will be placed on hold and not shared on social media. You are then notified and a resolution agreed upon. 
The extraordinary success of Duelstone generated Posts stems from their authenticity, therefore Creators are NOT given a set of instructions on how to Post, although they are provide with brand assets and a product brochure to ensure they are well informed on the product’s captivating features and reputation.
4. Once the Posts have been shared on social media by the Creator, they are audited by the Duelstone team – which includes collecting a screen capture of each Post and performance metrics such as likes, comments and shares. 
These Audits are shared with you as the brand typically 30 days after the products have been shipped to the Creators.
As part of this auditing process all Posts are screened by the Duelstone team for priceless insights that will help you better understand the aspects of the product attracting the Creators and subsequently shoppers in China.
5. Once there are enough Posts featuring your product on Social media, and with permission from you, the Post audits are arranged into a catalogue by Duelstone and shared with Sales Creators and Online Retailers to attract them to sell the product. 
Sales Creators make it very clear to shoppers in China that their Posts are simply selling the product. These Sales Posts are not content and therefore typically do not get included in social media results displayed to shoppers searching for your brand.
Sale Creators may sell through Live Posts (live streaming) on popular social ecommerce platforms including Douyin or Kuaishou or they may sell through Private Post on social ecommerce platforms including Wechat. 
Sales Creators do not buy stock from you or ship products to the shoppers in China. 
6. This Order Fulfilment part is managed as a very simple technology integration between the Sales Creator and an online store operated by you as the brand or a Duelstone appointed Online Retailer, who has been pre-approved by you to buy your product wholesale and list it in an online store. 
This Order Fulfilment integration is really simple to manage through Duelstone.
7. Duelstone is integrated with over 600 Online Retailers focussed on Mainland China operating cross border ecommerce operations from 60 countries importing and selling more than £100m of beauty products in China each year, so you are in good hands.
The Online Retailers apply and once appointed by you, purchase stock wholesale directly from you and manage all the Cross Border Ecommerce operations and registrations. You just need to accept payment from them and release the stock. 
As part of the stock ordering process Duelstone supports the brand in building a China retail pricing structure. All Online Retailers are required to comply with this structure, with the Duelstone team managing the enforcement on behalf of the brand. 
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