Duelstone exists to make wellness products as impulsive and effortless to buy as buying the other, not so wellness stuff. 

Duelstone technology achieves this through up to  10,000 wellness Creators in 60 countries trying ingeniously designed wellness products and sharing the experience in Posts on Socials.  

Over 15,000 Posts have been generated through Duelstone to date – which is a lot, trust me.  But with Duelstone’s workflow automation technology lightening the load tremendously this number will grow.

These Posts are being instantly found and used by 100 million global shoppers to make better informed decisions and buy the featured products at extraordinary speed. And I mean really, really fast. 

Moreover, these Posts work tirelessly, appearing in shoppers social media search results, sometimes for years. 

Join the world’s leading brands including Vitabiotics, Optibac, Pixi skincare, Emma Hardie, Haliborange and Abbott Nutrition in being powered by Duelstone and let’s make the world a healthier place, quicker.

Oh and if, like us, you believe sport is the best way to pursue wellness then try out Duel – designed by the Duelstone team to be the most impulsive and addictive sport on the planet. Did you expect anything less?