how duelstone recreated GLOBAL ACTIVE & wellness 

Duelstone is the distruptive cloud based Creator workflow automation technology accelerating the world’s transition to an active & wellness lifestyle. 

The technology makes possible scaleable output of high value Posts on socials from Creators in 60 countries genuinely using active & wellness lifestyle products presented to them and sharing the experience. 


These Posts are invaluable to global active & wellness shoppers (humans) because they can instantly find and depend upon them to remove hesitation and effortlessly make fast, impulse buying decisions.

And they do. Duelstone Post reaction data audits reveals over 25 million global active & wellness shoppers are using the 15,000 Duelstone Posts created for brands since the technology came to life 2 years ago.  


And in being useful to shoppers (not time wasting advertisements) Duelstone generated Posts are proving priceless in unlocking fast global  expansion for the iconic brands featured in them – including Vitabiotics, Abbott nutrition, Amika, Emma Hardie, Pixi skincare and many, many more. 

So it’s Gold medals all around or a win-win model – if you prefer a geekier expression.


Brands can order Content Posts which feature the product being used by a Creator at home or Sales Posts with Creators using and selling the product live on socials. 

Or even Duel Posts featuring the product being used by a Creator whilst active in a Duel  – the progressive, opponent style sports activity designed by the Duelstone Creator team and loved by, well, everyone.