global social wellness is powered by duelstone 

Duelstone technology powers social wellness by generating Posts on socials through 10,000 Creators in 60 countries sharing the genuine, good feelings they get when using ingeniously designed wellness products handed to them. 

These Posts are instantly found and used by global wellness shoppers to spend on the featured products a lot faster and more confidently, because they are useful. They are not advertisements.

Wellness products popular with Creators can be upgraded to being featured in Sales Posts with Creators live streaming their experience in using the product and enabling viewers to chat and purchase through an appointed social ecommerce store.

Since starting in 2022 over 25 million global shoppers have used Duelstone social wellness Posts to spend 5 times more on the featured wellness products than the brands spent on generating them, so they are clearly incredibly valuable to everyone.

Through Duelstone the Wellness era is being upgraded to a more human centric and transparent Social Wellness era