Duel is a sport designed to be more irresistible than an eclair from La Maison du Chocolat on rue du Faubourg in Paris.

That’s it. The whole mission. Oh, and in getting a billion people active and taking part in Duel turn it into the first Olympic sport since 1944 designed by females – sisters Avallon and Honour. 


Well, firstly the equipment needed to Duel is lighter than a bottle of water and compact enough to fit into an Ipad case so you don’t feel a burden carrying it and can always be ready to Duel. 

The surface area required for a Duel is just a 3m square space anywhere,  so no need to trudge around looking for a specialised sports hall, ground or gym. 

Also, there is nothing lonely about a Duel, as you have an opponent –  although just one so it is not hard to setup. And do feel free to mix it up a little. The nature of Duel means it is not constrained to the old fashioned idea of male vs male and female vs female. 

If you have have ever felt yourself dreading taking part in sport because of the complexity and mind games it seems to entail then Duel was designed for you. Duel is minimalist, impulsive and captivating to the extent you will find it hard to stop. Duel has taken fitness and wellness to the next level and named it Duelness. 


None of this would be possible without Duel Creators – so please do sponsor them. Duel Creators are trained to Duel and share their Duels as Posts on socials to encourage others to Duel. 

Brands can present Duel Creators with products to use and feature in their Posts for a very small fee. The whole sponsorship process is professionally managed through the Duelstone creator workflow automation platform – so for the brand it is  effortless, whilst contributing extraordinarily high value.


Behind the scenes is the formidable Société Sportive de Duel (SSD) a group of accomplished athletes and business leader coming together to solve the countless problems encountered in trying to change the world with Duel. The official launch of Duel is October 10th 2024, although there is a lot going on already. Follow our progress on instagram.com/duelhere