Duelstone’s mission is to invent a Creator Management Platform that does something extraordinarily unusual and worthwhile .

And that is to bring together the masterminds behind the world’s most progressive and interesting wellness, beauty and fitness products with Mandarin Chinese speaking Creators who use them and love them. And, then just stand back and really just let the Creators express themselves and share a little of that pent-up happiness.

We believe such a platform is a win for the brands, a win for the creators and a win for us shoppers. A Win:Win:Win perhaps.  If you ever see someone doing a triple high five you can credit that move to our team.

Find us at our Headquarters in the University city of Cambridge, England occasionally lost in thought contemplating the laws of physics, but most the time just getting on with it


Skye Ruan from Mainland China is based in Cambridge, UK and possesses extensive experience in building and managing online forums for Chinese students living overseas. 

Skye holds a Bachelor Degree in Commercial and Advertising Art and uses these professional skills to support Creators in developing more impactful and valuable posts. 

Skye manages all the Duelstone Creator resources and communications..


Byron Constable also based in Cambridge, UK is a fluent Chinese speaker. He built an award winning (Queen’s award 2020) Mainland China focussed online retail and DTC solutions for UK and European brands that generated over £40m of online retail sales per year. 

Prior to this Byron spent more than 15 years in Mainland China as the founder of one of the fastest growing database marketing platform’s in the country used by brands for targeted advertising and eDM. 

He then went on to lead the launch of China’s first live online racing app. 

Byron manages the design of the Duelstone solution and brand partner expansion.